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Zeus and Blu

Stop Bugging Me dog balm

Stop Bugging Me dog balm

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Stop Bugging Me dog balm is an easy to use, effective, portable, affordable, toxin-free flea + tick repellent great for dog loving hunters, campers, and all nature lovers.

Geranium oil is the main all natural pest deterrent in our flea + tick repellents. The oil acts as a neurotoxin with ticks and actually paralyzes them so they are unable to move or hold on to your pet. Using nature to protect nature! Better for you, your pup, and the planet! Click here to learn more about the science of Geranium oil.

We are ardent environmentalists and that includes protecting the bees! Zeus + Blu dog balm made is made from slow harvested beeswax so no bees are harmed in the process.

  • Apply to paws, inside legs, under belly, around ears, scruff and along tail to repel ticks, bees, wasps, fleas, mosquitoes, and lice.
  • Earth-friendly packaging in a hands-free a biodegradable  2.5 oz tube. Making application easy and keeping your hands (and the earth) clean! (Although the balm is great for dry hands too!!)
  • Organic yellow beeswax has been used for centuries to heal and protect the skin.  
  • Stop Bugging Me balm has a warm cedar + rose geranium scent.

  • The Stop Bugging Me scent may irritate some sensitive skin if this occurs discontinue use or use on areas with fur.

  • Approximately a 6-9 month supply.

  • Cost effective: $18/season dog balm compared to one month supply of oral or topical toxic medications at approximately $35/month
  • All natural - no synthetic chemicals

      plant-based ingredients       woman owned business     cruelty free - not tested on animals        made in USA        for dogs only

Balm meets the EPA regulations for a product that is exempt from regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and does not need to be registered with the EPA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any disease.


Active Ingredients: Castor Oil 42.9.%, Cedarwood Oil 1.02%, Lemongrass Oil 0.33%, Geranium Oil 0.22%;

Inert Ingredients: Beeswax 32.81%,Vitamin E 0.78%

How to apply dog balm

Balm comes in a push-up tube so allows for hands-free application! Simply push the tube up from the bottom and apply to dry or rough paws and noses.

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