The Single Paw
The Single Paw

The Single Paw

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Just want to try us out?

 We are confident you will be amazed and:

1) Your pet will have a very subtle yet really clean and fresh scent (you will just want to snuggle them!!). 

2) Their fur will be so amazingly soft, you won't be able to stop petting them.

3) You will see what an amazingly easy bath it is!

4) We also have a special scent called Rainforest we only sell in singles!  It has a fresh mint eucalyptus scent with undertones of a damp cool forest. It's also great for repelling fleas, mites and mosquitoes - but not so great for ticks.  So, if you live in an area currently having an active tick season - we suggest the Stop Bugging Me scent.