Zeus + Blu and You - 3 pack - END OF SEASON SALE

Zeus + Blu and You - 3 pack - END OF SEASON SALE

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We created this with the camper in mind.  I would go camping with my children and they would use the shampoo paw Stop Bugging Me to wash their hair and body to keep the bugs away (and a shampoo paw takes up a lot less room than the typical bottles)!!   

So this scent was created to be used on the human.  Keeping humans in mind and their potential for allergies, we removed all nut, avocado and lavender oils. 

This is the gentlest of all our formulas and is super conditioning and moisturizing and still repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes!

Like all our formulas, we are committed to ensuring that we never use any ingredients that will harm aquatic life.  It is safe to use in rivers, streams, and lakes!

This scent is only sold in a 3 pack.