Fur Foam - Stop Bugging Me

Fur Foam - Stop Bugging Me

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Do you have a stinky dog??!  When there is no time for a bath but your dog needs to freshen up just reach for your Fur Foam! Simply squirt the foam in your hand and rub on your dog's ears, their scruff and underbelly.  

It is likely your dog will probably roll around for a second after it is applied.  After all, they love their own scent! I have found that most dogs don't seem to mind after a few applications.  (I think they know that it's keeping the bugs off them!!)  Zeus absolutely hated it at first and he eventually learned to come to me for application before he went outside!!  And Zeus is a tick magnet without it!! Dogs are AMAZING!!!

Stop Bugging Me foam has a fragrance like sweet roses with a refreshing lemon accent and a light cedar scent. 

It uses pest repelling essential oils (geranium and lemongrass) and neem oil to repel ticks, fleas and even mosquitoes!

Safe enough to use daily if you live in a heavily wooded area.