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five pack of shampoo paws ~ assorted scents - SELECT 5
5 pack of Shampoo Paws - select 5 paws - Zeus and Blu
five pack of shampoo paws ~ assorted scents - SELECT 5

five pack of shampoo paws ~ assorted scents - SELECT 5

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A quick and easy dog bath that leaves your dog smelling good for weeks!  The bar is formulated with a lush lather and the paw fits right in your palm so your hands never leave your dog - it turns bath time into massage time!! Who doesn't love a good massage??!?

It won't happen at first, but after a few "massages" your dog will actually begin to like "massage time". Smaller dogs may not need the whole bar, if so, just rinse the paw and place in the drying bag (included) for the next bath. 

1) Simply wet dog thoroughly
2) Place paw in palm
3) Massage from neck to tail
4) Rinse!


A 5 pack of single use shampoo bars handcrafted with all natural, earth friendly ingredients like coconut, olive and avocado oil and infused with dog safe therapeutic essential oils like cedar, lavender, geranium, lemongrass and more!! All created to leave a subtle, natural, long lasting scent on your little pumpkin. 

No artificial ingredients or colors -  Dog Scents, naturally.

 Your dog will smell good for weeks!

All our products are 100% natural promoting a toxin-free lifestyle for you, your pets, and family.

Avoid using with pregnant dogs.

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