How do I know what scent is best for my dog?

Ideally, let your dog select!  Yes, your dog!!

 As I am sure you are aware, dogs have amazingly, phenomenal noses!! Their sense of scent is from 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours.  So it makes sense that essential oils would be impactful and that scents that occur in nature created by plants, even when strong, are better for your dog's keen nose than synthetic chemicals which are know to cause cancer. See 6 Reasons Your Dog Should Use All-Natural Shampoo.

When initially selecting scents, either choose a scent you like or select a scent based on therapeutic value.

You can also try our quiz:

What scent is best for my dog? 

Or let your dog choose- our assorted 3 and 5 shampoo paw packs are perfect for this!

Simply hold different scented paws in each hand and see which your dog prefers- they will lick or sniff the paw if they like it.  If they don't like it, they will turn their nose away when you hold it up to them. 

My dogs have different scents they prefer - Zeus likes "Itch You Can't Scratch", ironically he has dry skin. 🤷‍♀️  Blu likes "Just Chilling", and yes, he's got anxiety!! 🤷‍♀️ 

Did I say, "Dogs are AMAZING!?!!" 😁  

What Zeus and Blu scent is best for my dog?

We only use a very select list of ingredients widely approved by veterinarians and animal aromatherapists.*. This limits the variety of scent profiles that re available but it assures us that our products are safe! 


* Sources: The Aromatic Dog - Essential oils, hydrosols, & herbal oils for everyday dog care by Nayana Morag; Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian's Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs & Horses by Melissa Shelton DVM