What is Fur Foam??? Dry Shampoo for Dogs

Foaming at the mouth - bad.  Foaming on the back - good??!? 😝 

Foamy stuff is just fun so we made fur foam...

- to freshen up your dog's scent when there is no time for a bath or 

- when you want to impart the natural therapeutic value of essential oils to address a dog concern.

Fur Foam is our version of "Dry Shampoo for dogs" but it is derived from plants so no "dirty" ingredients or synthetic chemicals.  We created foam because most dogs hate being sprayed which is the common application for dry shampoos or other natural essential oil applications.  

How to use Fur Foam:

Fur foam is not exactly "dry" and the foam applies a light soap that when brushed through the fur lightly cleans and imparts a fresh scent.  Generally, once applied it will feel slightly wet but only momentarily which may cause your dog to roll a bit.

The more thorough the brushing or massaging of the foam the longer the scent will last and the more conditioning for the fur and skin.  The base of our foam is made with olive and neem oils which are great for most skin conditions.  Neem has a long history of use for skin conditions in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for wound healing, eczema, and psoriasis, while also being naturally antibiotic. 

Our biggest dilemma with Fur Foam is the plastic. 😩   It keeps us up at night.  We know that the availability of natural alternatives for our dogs is very important and the application of fur foam is a great option. It is however, our #1 company goal to replace the plastic in the packaging.  We have several earth-friendly packaging alternatives that we are actively pursuing but none are widely available yet. Until this occurs please consider reusing and/or recycling the bottle.

As soon as possible, the plastic will be replaced with an environmentally option.  

Paws Promise.  🐾.  🐾

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