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Customer Reviews


"I dropped my dog off at the groomers with "Itch You Can't Scratch".  My groomer could not stop talking about how great Zeus and Blu smells!" - Alicia + Majesty


"We love the soap, Gracie smells delicious for a week!" :) - Kathi R. + Gracie


"My dog had severe itchy, dry skin with scabs.  I've been using Itch You Can't Scratch and his skin has completely cleared up!  Thankful!!" - Tana N., Max, Charlie + Buddy


"I wanted to let you know that we love the soap! We gave Chevy Doodle a bath today and she smells wonderful! I also love how the soap was easily rinsed from her fur. Doodle has very thick fur and historically, getting all the soap off of her was time consuming and made bath time back breaking; this time the rinsing was so easy!"

- Nichole + Chevy


"My husband got home and asked what smelled so good...I said "it's the dog!!" - Jamie J  


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