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We create all natural, plant based, and organic grooming products.

We believe in using nature to keep your dog healthy.

Most importantly, we believe in bringing value to you by providing exceptional all natural products that are

effective and environmentally friendly 

and we strive to always provide excellent customer service.

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Our Story

In 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer.  Thankfully, I survived. 

The experience really increased my awareness of the chemicals, carcinogens, and poisons that surround us in our daily lives. As a mother, I began to seek out all natural products for myself and my family to reduce their exposure in everything from food to cleaning products.  Maybe I'm an obsessed hippie, granola, hipster or whatever, but I do know that I want, my family and pets to be as healthy as possible! blushing


(That's me in the back!! - Elizabeth Drake, founder/owner )

In 2015, my son brought home Zeus from Chattanooga, TN. 


In 2016 my daughter was given Blu as a birthday gift. 

cute puppies

You can guess what happened after they brought them home...yep!! They became mine. I absolutely adored these sweet little pups and wanted to cuddle with them but after playing outside all day - they just plain STUNK!!  

In an effort to make them smell good (and after trying a dozen or so dog shampoos that left them smelling like dog) I gave them a bath with a bath bomb.

A week later while cuddling Zeus, he still smelled good!! 

I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't stop rubbing my face on his fur!! So I was on a mission to create a product that had a lasting scent without harsh chemicals and one that was environmentally friendly (I'm obsessed with caring for the environment) - so I created the Shampoo Paw.

The Stop Bugging Me formula was the first scent I created using nature, not chemicals, to fight off ticks, mosquitoes and other insects. I consulted tons of scientific research and journals in toxicology, entomology, veterinarian, etc. to create the formulas (I'm a former scientist blushing).

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Why Zeus and Blu? keep your family and pets safe and healthy by reducing contact with potentially harmful chemicals and poisons.  We believe that all dogs deserve long, healthy lives. 

That's why we are here...

to provide all natural, safe alternatives that keep your dog feeling great and BONUS - they smell AMAZING!!

...We only use high quality, plant -based ingredients. No animal products.  No chemicals. 

...We act & create in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner and consider the consequences of our decisions- from our packaging to ingredients and we believe and support other small businesses.

...We champion the health and wellness of dogs using nature.

... We strive to make a long lasting positive change in the world.

... We believe in relationships with our customers, suppliers, neighbors and friends that are built on trust and integrity.

...We believe the best thing we can do for our family and pets is to use all natural products whenever possible.  Learn more about our ingredients...


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Why are we here?

To deliver exceptional value.

To give dogs and their families healthy alternatives.

To help your dog look, feel and smell amazing."



We love our customers

We started Zeus and Blu because we wanted to share an all natural, effective alternative to flea and tick medications with other like minded dog owners. 

In responding to our customers needs we have added other all natural products that address other common dog concerns.  We will continue to evolve and create new healthy products that help dogs look and feel their best.

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But it’s the love, feedback and responses that truly confirm that what we’re doing is working. We've helped many dog owners:

  • Thank you so much!  Our girls are squeeky clean and smell amazing!  I’m also happy to report that for the first time I was able to help bathe and had no skin reactions to the soap!

  • My Ellie, is a 14 year old dachsund that has had terrible skin issues.  I have tried everything from vet prescriptions to oils and other all natural products.  Itch You Can't Scratch actually worked!!  I am so happy I actually cried!

  • Washed four dogs late yesterday (it was so easy!!!) - love the scents and loved how it worked keeping the bugs off my dogs.

We’ve been able to do all of this because of YOU!! 

Thank you for supporting us, sharing our vision and most importantly, choosing Zeus + Blu. 

As we look to the future and many years ahead, know with confidence that we will always be dedicated to providing you exceptional all natural dog products to enhance your pup's life.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but are natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years