Our Story

In the beginning, I simply wanted a dog shampoo that had a long lasting scent.

I like to cuddle and I love to cuddle with my dogs but not so much when they stink. 🥴  Bath time always seemed like so much work! I would be drenched in water and my dog would smell like a "dog" again in a matter of hours!

The more research I did the more concerned I became, many of the products widely used in dog shampoos to deter insects, whiten coats, etc. are full of  toxic chemicals that not only expose your dog but anyone in contact with them, and, of course, they come in single-use plastic!

So I did tons of research and the Shampoo Paw was born! Created with all natural, plant-based ingredients, essential oils and NO PLASTIC!!

With the shampoo paw you wet your dog first then massage until the paw dissolves or your dog is clean.  The massage calms your dog and the soap rinses easily so you actually stay dry!! Check it out here.

dog shampoo paw

Eventually, I decided to start a company to reduce the environmental impact created by dogs and built on 4 core values:

  • Create all natural, healthy and effective products for dogs.

  • Protect the environment.

  • Partner with like-minded businesses to make a bigger impact.

  • Be a positive change in the world.  


OUR NEW Manufacturing Partners: Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps

In accordance with our mission, to promote and work with other small, woman owned, minority, LGBT, and veteran owned businesses we are proud to have partnered with Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps! This is their story. Grace & Miss Mouse manufacturers our products by hand in small batches in Vermont. Like Zeus + Blu, they believe in creating opportunities for those in the community so have partnered with Bellows Falls Union High School Flexible Pathways program. They employ developmentally challenged students to build real-world job experience and a paycheck. (They are working on Zeus and Blu! 🥰  )They are also committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and actively promote reduction of plastic, reduce, reuse, and recycle programs.

Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps Work Based learning programs Bellows Falls Union High School

Soy Ink + Compostable Packaging: RPI Graphic Data Solutions

Being good stewards of the planet is the driving force behind our business. This passion for the environment led us to RPI Graphic Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio, a women-led business and commercial printer dedicated to sustainability.  They designed the folding boxes for our shampoo paws without the need for toxic glue!  RPI also built the boxes with a compostable substrate and printed in soy inks so that our packaging is not only biodegradable but compostable as it contains no toxic chemicals!

RPI Graphic Data Solutions - Commitment to Sustainability

At Zeus + Blu we create all natural, plant based, vegan, biodegradable, compostable, and organic dog grooming and waste products.  We will continue to partner with other businesses bringing earth friendly products to market. 

We believe in using nature to keep your dog and the earth happy + healthy.

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Thank you for supporting us, sharing our vision and most importantly, choosing Zeus 🐾   + Blu 🐾

zeus and blu

contact info:
email me at elizabeth@zeusandblu.com 
or call me at 302.284.6221
Thank you!!
Elizabeth Drake,
Owner and President
Las Vegas, NV 89117