Earth-Friendly Dog Grooming + Waste Management + Accessories

Rising awareness for the state of the planet has dog parents searching for products that are earth friendly. In a world full of wasteful packaging littering the streets and packing landfills, many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

A line of sustainable dog products, Zeus + Blu is the perfect choice for a dog parent wanting to choose grooming products that are cruelty-free and better for the planet.

The Dog Shampoo Paw: Cruelty-Free & Better for the Planet

The shampoo paw was made for the environmentally conscientious consumer. With compostable packaging and soy ink labeling, this single-use shampoo will make bath time enjoyable for you and your pet and is good for the planet.

The Shampoo Paw is made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, is toxin-free and plastic-free, and is truly an eco-friendly dog product.

Your dog will be left with a long-lasting natural scent from the essential oils. 

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  • The Time is Now

    We are often asked why we no longer carry Fur Foam and the answer is because the Planet is more valuable than money. Fur Foam was created at the request of our customers and initially we believed we could find a plant-based bottle. We searched globally and nothing was available. So we walked away from one of our Best Sellers. Plastic is created using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to global warming not to mention the pollution of our oceans at the end of life. In our opinion, single use plastic just doesn't have a place in the world anymore. There are other options but it's up to consumers to demand them. To us it's one thing we can do, everyday to help save our planet. What's your One Thing you do for the planet? #OneThingForThePlanet #PlasticChallenge

Compostable Packaging + Soy Inks

Shampoo bottles take 100-400 years to decompose. There are better options. There are many great shampoo bars in existence today that come in biodegradable packaging so why use plastic bottles? We take it one step further by using packaging with out any harmful chemicals used in it's creation, no glue, and printed with soy inks. You can even throw it in your compost pile!