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6 reasons why your dog should use all-natural shampoo - SO EASY - TIME

The Shampoo paw is so easy to use even a kid can do it- and the kid and dog bond and enjoy (not recommended for children under 8 to wash a dog- maybe a little one)

5 minutes that your dog will learn to love

a paw in your palm

healthy and smells great- cause some just want a great smelling cuddly love ball.

How to give a dog bath- add video


Most mass-produced soaps and shampoos bars contain ingredients not recognized as real soap by the FDA. The ingredients include harsh detergents such as parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

all natural dog shampoo better for Pup + planet + people

Zeus + Blu only uses plant-based natural ingredients like organic olive, coconut, avocado, and castor oil.  We then add canine safe essential oils and other plant based ingredients for their healing and calming properties.

The shampoo paw washes away cleanly and easily with our proprietary formula leaving exceptionally soft fur and moisturized skin. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process, and is an excellent moisturizer! Glycerin attracts moisture from the air making fur and skin soft and moisturized so a separate conditioner is not needed. (We have a few customers that use our soap, especially when camping 😉 )  Mass produced soaps and shampoos contain detergents which strip fur and skin of its natural oils.  Synthetic chemicals also have negative effects on the environment. All our shampoos and soaps are made the traditional way called cold process. 

With natural soap, you can be 100% sure that no toxic chemicals were used to produce it. Natural soap is made with oils, lye, water, natural dyes, and essential oils making them either naturally non-toxic or beneficial for your health and well-being.

 6 reasons why your dog should use all-natural shampoo

1. Natural Ingredients. Natural soap won’t dry out your dog's skin or cause any other skin irritation as all of the ingredients are gentle and skin safe. 

2. Natural Soap Is Environmentally Friendly. Commercial soaps use petroleum-based lathering agents which are harmful to the environment and when the lather produced by those agents goes down the drain, it pollutes marine habitats. Natural soap is made with ingredients that are readily found in nature so they don’t harm the environment even as they go down the drain. We never use palm oil. Palm oil is responsible for the destruction of natural habitats and ecosystems. 

3. Cruelty-Free. Natural ingredients are not tested on animals. The required animal testing for mass-produced chemical laden "soaps" is not required for natural ingredients. We only produce products that we test on our own human bodies.

4. Improve Your Dog's Well-Being. Essential oils come with multiple benefits. They can effect the mood with health-promoting, healing, calming or energizing properties. They also have antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which make them ideal ingredients for soap. They combat fungi. viruses and infection-causing bacteria.

5.  Support Small Businesses. Natural soaps are usually made by smaller businesses hand-crafted by artisans who strive to create high-quality soap.

6.  Plant-based, Vegan.  All our products except for our dog balm, which uses beeswax, are vegan.