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Fearless - Zeus and Blu
a shampoo paw ~ fearless
a shampoo paw ~ fearless

a shampoo paw ~ fearless

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Fearless was created for Ava, an exquisite, white German Shepherd with lush, thick fur and with, ironically, a timid and shy temperament.  Made with clary sage, lemongrass and peppermint to relax muscles and mind. Beneficial for car rides or new places.

Normally, thick fur would make bath time back breaking but the shampoo paw (two in Ava's case - one in each palm) makes the job easy. The shampoo lathers perfectly and rinses off quickly while leaving a super soft, clean scented coat. VIDEO

Your dog will smell good for weeks!

Scent: a refreshing minty, lemon scent with earthy undertones

Key Essential Oils: clary sage, lemongrass, and peppermint

How to use the shampoo paw: Thoroughly wet dog ~ wet paw ~ place paw in palm ~ massage head to tail ~ rinse. Looks like soap but lathers like shampoo!

How long does it last?  In general, one paw = one bath (for most dogs 20 - 50 pounds); and a 5 pack of shampoo paws = 1 bottle of shampoo

All our products are 100% natural promoting a toxin-free lifestyle for you, your pets, and family. 

Avoid using with pregnant dogs.

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