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Shampoo Paws

 an easy, simple bath turning "bath time" into "massage time" and a clean dog in under 10 minutes.

It won't happen at first, but after a few "massages" your dog will actually begin to like "massage time". 

Simply wet dog thoroughly --- place paw in palm --- massage from neck to tail --- rinse!

The paw was created as a single use shampoo but your dog may not need the whole bar.  Simply rinse and place in the drying bag (included) for the next bath. 

The longer you massage the better for their skin, fur, and spirit (and probably yours too).

    The paw has a base of moisturizing and conditioning oils including olive, coconut and avocado. They condition your dog's skin and coat leaving it so soft and smelling clean not heavily perfumed and with a long, lasting, fresh scent.


      5 pack of paws = one bottle of shampoo (not in the landfill) 

        We are passionate about the environment and believe wholeheartedly in promoting reduce/reuse/recycle so our paws are packed in biodegradable packaging and we only use earth friendly ingredients that will not harm aquatic life.
          We only use plant-based food grade ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils so the Paws are edible but not encouraged.

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