Zeus + Blu: Pawsitively Perfect - Peppermint + Orange + Eucalyptus

Natural, plant-based dog shampoo with a refreshing, bright, mint scent made for all dogs.  Reminiscent of a cool, spring morning with a minty, clean finish and repels mosquitoes.  The single use shampoo paw turns bath time into massage time and a happy dog! 

Your dog hates baths but they LOVE a massage!

"I absolutely recommend these products!! I'm hooked! Our girl loves them and it made my job of cleaning her sooo much easier!! The benefits are amazing! Absolutely fabulous." - Lisbeth + Spaghetti

Scent: a touch of orange-mint with a cool, clean finish

Key Essential Oils: peppermint, sweet orange, eucalyptus

Therapeutic benefits: anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial, supports immunity  

"The puppies and I love them! They loved getting massaged with the soap and the pups smelled so good! Best part for me is a good night sleep since they weren't scratching themselves all night." - Mary in Texas