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itch you can't scratch

Our sweet boy, Zeus, suffers from seasonal and food allergies as well as dry, flaky skin. Using a holistic approach, his food allergies were addressed through diet but we wanted to avoid prescriptions with seasonal allergies.  This formula combines moisturizing base oils like avocado and olive with soothing frankincense and naiouli (similar to tea tree but safe for dogs). We also implemented frequent bathing (at least once a month) during allergy season to remove allergens from his coat. Zeus now lives free from medicine and his scratching is under control!  


This blend has a delightful honey-like, woodsy aroma with a touch of orange blossoms, and it heals even the driest, cracked skin. Loaded with Aloe Vera juice and a touch of oatmeal to soothe irritated skin.  

Scent: honey-like + woodsy; a touch of orange blossoms; 

Key essential Oils: sweet orange, frankincense

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