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The Shampoo Paw - Zeus and Blu
The Shampoo Paw - Zeus and Blu
The Shampoo Paw - Zeus and Blu
The Shampoo Paw - Zeus and Blu
The Shampoo Paw - Zeus and Blu

The Shampoo Paw

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The shampoo paw is a plant based, single use shampoo bar made with earth friendly ingredients and wrapped in biodegradable packaging.  We use only the best therapeutic essential oils that leave a long lasting natural scent.

The food grade ingredients will leave your pets fur soft and soothes their skin.  So good they can eat them (but not encouraged).

Pawsitively Perfect - an uplifting minty, herbal scent that is great for all dogs and repels mosquitoes!

Itch You Can't Scratch - a delightful honey-like woodsy aroma with a touch of orange blossoms, that heals even the driest, cracked skin.

Oh So Cuddly - our gentlest formula, safe for puppies and very old dogs with a very light soft fragrance reminiscent of a spring garden with hints of herbs, mint and flowers plus repels mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

Just Chilling - a combination of essential oils that calm anxious or nervous dogs with a warm, earthy scent and a hint of spice (one of our best sellers!)

Stop Bugging Me - a highly effective tick, flea + mosquito repellent using the power of geraniums and cedar with a sweet woodsy scent. A must have for tick season.

* If you or your dog have allergies to any of our ingredients please make a note in the cart text box and we will create a formula especially for you!!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any disease.

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