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eco-friendly dog grooming products

LOVE your dog's scent, naturally...

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Love your dog's scent, naturally...

Zeus + Blu scents

better for the planet + pups + people

We use only earth friendly ingredients + packaging. (We are actively seeking a better solution to the fur foam bottle.)

Canine safe essential oils provide a long lasting, clean, healthy + beneficial scent while moisturizing + conditioning skin and fur.

No artificial ingredients or toxins = healthier for your dog, you, your friends, your dog's friends and your family. 

Naturally antibacterial and antiviral

Fur Foam Freshens + protects

A base of olive + neem oils blended with fragrant dog safe essential oils to nourish and moisturize the skin and fur. 

Massage or brush through your dog's coat to lightly clean and freshen your dog's scent. 

 Naturally antibacterial and antiviral.

Apply 1 - 3 pumps every 3 to 5 days along back and scruff for maximum benefit. 

Fomulas available for dogs with anxiety, flea + tick, old dogs, and dry, itchy skin.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

- Benjamin Franklin

smells good + feels soft = healthy

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